The Wreck Today: The Adventure sits on a sand and rock bottom only 100 feet from shore.  You’ll see some machinery, her drive shaft, and hull structure perpendicular to the shore straight out from the two large round boulders half way up the eastern peninsula. Since our first printing, the propeller was returned to the site from the Heath, Ohio street department scrap pile.  The wreck of the scow W.R. Hanna lies 40 feet north of the Adventure’s stern, parallel to shore.  With the clear shallow water, this location becomes heavily covered in weeds at times in the late summer.
CAUTION: Watch for heavy boat traffic. And, be careful not to run your boat aground.
Location:  North Bay of Kelleys Island      Depth:  10 feet
Coordinates: LORAN: 43688.1   57000.9    GPS: 41 37.085   82 40.867
Official Number:  105567 
Lies:  bow east               Type: sand dredge
Cargo:  lime
Power: steam
Owner(s) .M. Robinson of Lorain, Ohio and Fred Groch of Sandusky, Ohio
Built:  1875 at Detroit, Michigan by John Oades
Dimensions:  108’  x  24’  x  8’3”     Tonnage: 148.97 gross  141.53 net
Date of Loss:   Wednesday, October 7, 1903
Cause of Loss:  fire
Steamer Adventure
Additional information on the Adventure is on page 10 of Erie Wrecks West.