The Wreck Today: The City of Concord lies upright in 45 feet of water.  The center of the vessel is broken up but some decking remains at the stern.  It is possible to get between decks without knowing it if you are not careful.  Look for her rudder, prop, large double-boiler, capstan, and windlass.
City of Concord
Additional information on the City of Concord is on page 38 of Erie Wrecks West.
Location: 10 miles north of Huron, Ohio
Coordinates: LORAN:  43675.0    57052.7DGPS: 41 32.728 82 32.811
Lies: bow east                                       Depth: 45 feet
Official #: 5538
Type: wood steamer                             Cargo: coal
Power: steam, 26 diameter cylinder: 36 stroke
Owner(s) Norman Mills
Built: 1868 at Cleveland, Ohio by Lafrinnier & Drake
Dimensions: 1352  x  258  x  11   Tonnage: 385 gross  282 net
Notes: Reduced from package freighter/passenger propeller (440 gross, 388 net) to lumber carrier in 1890
Date of Loss: Saturday, September 29, 1906
Cause of Loss: storm