The Wreck Today: The W.R. Hanna is located on a sand and rock bottom only a few yards from the wreck of the steamer Adventure.  She lays parallel to shore with only 3-5 feet of clearance over her stone cargo.
There are stove parts to the west of her sternpost.  Many artifacts have been removed from the wreck.  These include jugs, tools, iron grindstones, and shoes.  A survey of the site was completed in 1999.
CAUTION: This location has heavy boat traffic.  The wreck lies very close to shore and the rocks in the area come very close to the surface.
W.R. Hanna
Additional information on the W.R. Hanna is on page 90 of Erie Wrecks West.
Location: Kelleys Island North Bay     Depth:8 feet
Coordinates: LORAN:  43688.2  57000.9DGPS: 41 37.091  82 40.849
Official #: 26669
Lies: bow southwest
Type: scow        Cargo:stone
Power: sail
Owner(s)  L.J. Seek of Toledo, Ohio
Built: 1857 at Sandusky, Ohio by William R. Hanna
Dimensions: 84.7  x  21.6  x  5.0    Tonnage: 86.16 gross  81.86 net
Date of Loss: Thursday, October 14, 1886