The Wreck Today: On the shallow rock bottom, divers will find the Penelope’s shaft, prop, cast ballast stones, tools, engine parts, metal rudder, and many nails and spikes.  The 5 ½’ x 10’ boiler lies 100 feet north of the primary debris field.  It is in 8 feet of water and comes within four feet of the surface.  There is heavy boat and personal watercraft traffic in this area.
Additional information on the Penelope is on page 146 of Erie Wrecks West.
Location: ¼ mile off Avon Lake, Ohio
Coordinates: LORAN:  43730.5  57309.1
                      GPS:  41 30.562   82 02.443
Lies: bow south                                  Depth:8 feet
Type: tug                                           Cargo: light
Official #: 150582
Power: propeller, steam fore and aft 2 cylinder engine
Owner(s) A.H. Langell of Cleveland, Ohio
Built: 1892 at St. Clair, Michigan by Simon Langell
Dimensions: 74’  x  13’7”  x  8’9”   Tonnage: 54.12 gross  35.5 net
Date of Loss: Sunday, December 19, 1909
Cause of Loss: fire
Penelope  shortly after she sank