The Wreck Today: The engine and boilers were removed in 1914.  However, many heavy timbers remain and there is machinery that comes within 2 feet of the surface.  The wreckage lies on a rock bottom and is home to many fish.  As a result, many fishermen frequent her and the wreckage is smothered with monofilament and lures.  If you can fend off the heavy boat traffic, this is a great place to pick up fishing tackle.
F. H. Prince
Additional information on the F.H. Prince is on page 152 of Erie Wrecks West.
Location: mile off the east side of Kelleys Island, Ohio   Depth:18 feet
Coordinates: LORAN:  43683.0  57000.4DGPS: 41 36.240    82 40.520 
Official #: 120797Site #:88   
Lies: bow west     Type:propeller
Cargo: sand
Power:  fore and aft compound engine
Owner(s):  Lake Erie Sand and Gravel
Built:1890 at Detroit, Michigan by Detroit Dry Dock
Dimensions:240  x  42  x  234     Tonnage:  2047 gross  1547 net
Date of Loss: Tuesday, August 8, 1911
Cause of Loss: fire