The Wreck Today: In July of 1904 the U.S. dredge Maumee dynamited the wreck and dredged up the coal cargo as well as part of the hull.  As a result, very little structure remains at this site.  However her debris field still offers lots to explore.
General Franz Sigel
Additional information on the Franz Sigel is on page 172 of Erie Wrecks West.
Location: 75şT 4.5 miles off the Monroe, Michigan Breakwater
Coordinates: PA: 41 54.50   81 14.95
Official #: 10217
Lies:                                                      Depth: 28 feet
Type: schooner                                     Cargo: coal
Power: three masted sail
Owner(s) Wilfred J. Curtis of Lorain, Ohio
Built: 1863 on the Black River, Ohio by Henry D. Root
Dimensions: 136.8’  x  25.8’  x  11.5’  Tonnage: 360 gross  301.06 net
Date of Loss: Saturday, July 18, 1903
Cause of Loss: sprung a leak in a storm