The Wreck Today: The Sand Merchant lies upside down in the mud with her dominant features, the prop and rudder, to the northwest.  There is a deep trench around the wreck and a truly reckless diver could get into the wreck by going around the rails at the bottom of the trench.  We would not recommend this, as it is likely the mud around the entry would collapse and doubtful that the diver would be able to find a way back out.  Her suction pipe and framework lie off her starboard side.  To the west of the wreck is a large debris field.  This contains many ships parts, including her unloading boom, the spotlight, and whistle.  Large sand piles lay among the debris.  
The vessel was never salvaged. 
Sand Merchant
Additional information on the Sand Merchant is on page 166 of Erie Wrecks West.
Location: 4 miles NE of Avon Point, Avon Lake, Ohio    Depth: 65 feet
Coordinates: LORAN:  43771.7    57368.3  GPS:  41 34.428     81 57.524
Official #: C153443                      Lies:bow northwest
Type:steel sandsucker                    Cargo:sand
Power: triple expansion engine; 15   26x44 diameter x 26 stroke
Owner(s) National Sand and Material Company, Ltd., Toronto, Canada   Hull #: 79
Built: 1927 at Collingwood, Ontario, Canada by Collingwood Shipbuilding Company
Dimensions: 252  x  436  x  175                 Tonnage: 1981 gross
Date of Loss: Saturday, October 17, 1936
Cause of Loss: foundered