The Wreck Today: Lost in a storm in 1848 after her newly appointed captain ignored warnings not to sail, the Sultan sits upright with a slight list to starboard on a sand/mud bottom in 42 feet of water. Measuring 125 feet x 23 feet, the vessel is remarkably intact for a shallow water site.  Much of her grinding wheel cargo is still on the deck.  However, the interior spaces of the wreck are completely filled with silt. Her windlass and hand pump are at the bow, a wood stock anchor lies off the starboard bow, a metal stock anchor lies off the starboard bow.  and are still on the site, a two barrel hand pump and main mast deadeyes can be found amidships, and her rudder post and rudder post cap are at the stern.  A discerning diver will find many other artifacts.
Location:  4 miles 28šT from Cleveland East Breakwater Light
Depth:  40 feet
Coordinates: 41 35.685   81 36.853
Official #:  none                                                           
  bow east        Type:  brigantine  
Cargo: 200 tons of grindstones, lumber, and barrel staves
Built:  1848, Chicago, rebuilt 1863, Cleveland
Dimensions:  127' x 24' x 9' 4"     Tonnage:  267 gross
Date of Loss:  Saturday, September 24, 1864
Cause of Loss:  storm