The Wreck Today:Located on a sand bottom, the Vance is flattened.  There is a centerboard, ships wheel, deadeyes, and rudder post.  Several hundred yards west of the site is the wreck of the Charger.
David Vance
Location: southwest of Pelee Point, Ontario
Coordinates: LORAN:  43813.8     57144.3   GPS:  41 51.726    82 31.438
Lies: bow south                                    Depth: 41 feet
Official #: 6855
Type: schooner                                    Cargo: coal
Power: three masted sail
Owner(s) James McKenzie of Buffalo, New York and Benjamin Budsell of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Built: 1874 by J. Butler at Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Dimensions: 2066  x  337  x  144  Tonnage: 774.76 gross  736.03 net
Date of Loss: Thursday, July 20, 1893
Cause of Loss: collision
Additional information on the David Vance is on page 196 of Erie Wrecks West.