The Wreck Today: Much of the time the lakes currents wash sand over her remains, covering them.  Following a strong south wind, the timbers will uncover and she can still be explored.  Even today, a strong south gale will wash pieces of this wreck to shore.
C.W. Elphicke
Additional information on the Elphicke is on page 76 of Erie Wrecks East.
Location: 00T 26.2 miles off Erie, Pennsylvania    229T 1.2 miles off
Long Point Light
Coordinates: GPS:PA 42 32.18   80 03.97
Official #: 126568
Lies: bow west                                     Depth:20 feet
Type: wood propeller, bulk freighter    Cargo:wheat
Power: triple expansion steam
Owner(s) Kinney Transportation Company of Cleveland, Ohio
Built: 1889 at Trenton, Michigan by Craig Shipbuilding
Dimensions: 273  x  42  x  22     Tonnage: 2406 gross  1764 net
Date of Loss: Tuesday, October 21, 1913