The Wreck Today: At 200 feet, this dive is well beyond the limits of sport diving as defined by all major certifying agencies.  It should only be attempted by very experienced divers with specialized training and equipment for depths in excess of sport diving limits.
Her wire rigged forward mast is still standing.  Collision damage can be seen on her starboard side and her cabin is collapsed.  There is a wheel, and the cast iron bell is in the bow of the wreck.  Alas, there is no name on the bell.  Trawl nets have dragged the port anchor to the starboard side.  The ships yawl boat dangles from the stern on the starboard side.
In addition to the depth, divers need to be mindful of the steel net cable that is draped across the site.
Sir C.T. Van Straubenzie
Additional information on the Van Straubenzie is on page 212 of Erie Wrecks East.
Location: 7 miles southeast of Long Point Light
Coordinates: Loran:   still secret         GPS:
Official #: C 75632
Lies:Depth: 200 feet
Type: barkentine                    Cargo: light
Power: 3 mast sail
Owner(s) Pittsburgh and Erie Coal Company, Ltd.
Built: 1875 at Saint Catherines, Ontario by Louis Shickluna
Dimensions: 127.7  x  26.2  x  12    Tonnage: 317 gross
Date of Loss: Monday, September 27, 1909
Cause of Loss: collision