We are the publishers of
Erie Wrecks East,
Erie Wrecks West. and
Erie Wrecks & Lights

Each book provides:
Survivors tales of the loss
Essential facts about the
The history of the vessel
   and its loss
A picture of the ship before
   it sank
Description of the wreck
Underwater photographs
Sidescan sonar images
Drawings of the wreck
Loran and GPS numbers
Our goal:
To share the rich maritime history in the depths of Lake Erie and encourage recreational diving.
Available only as a PDF
Updated Chart wth 305 Lake Erie Shipwreck locations
We have elected not to do a print version of the updated shipwreck chart.  We have it available in a 24' x 36" PDF which you can have printed at your local print shop. 
Price: $20. Your order will be fullfilled by email.
Erie Wrecks West is now available as a PDF ebook.
A Bit About Authors, Georgann and Mike Wachter

We love diving both fresh and saltwater and have explored the underwater world in over 20 countries. While wreck diving is our passion, we enjoy coral reefs and have an unabating concern for the health pf planet ocean.
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